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How do I determine the rent for my rental?

That's a popular landlord question in an ever changing rental market.

Get reliable answers from a local source. We offer three options for helping determine market rent for your rental:

OptionConcernRental Data solutionPrice
1 How does my property's rent stack up against other local landlords' rentals. Find out instantly Free!
2 How do I get the supporting information for how my rental property stacks up? * Get a Rent Comps Report Today! Find out more!
3 How do I get a complete analysis of how my rental property stacks up plus a market rent determination? * Buy a Comparable Market Report (CMR) Today! Find out more!
* You can learn more about our products by visiting our Products.

While national websites offer average/median rent value information derived from internet sources or apartment leasing companies neither can provide the local integrity, detailed analysis or filtering options available through rdbOregon. Maintained locally, rdbOregon.com is the most inclusive online rental comps resource deriving rental data directly from landlords, property managers and local sources.

That local advantage keeps you in the know with invaluable information, continuously updated and landlord certified.